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SKA-PAK PLUS 5 MIN. / 10 MIN. / 15 MIN. COMBINATION SELF-CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS FOR ESCAPE AND PRESSURE DEMAND TYPE C SUPPLIED AIR RESPIRATOR The SCOTT SKA-PAK and SKA-PAK PLUS Escape/Type C respirators are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as pressure-demand, open circuit, combination self-contained breathing apparatus of either 5, 10, or 15 minute rated duration for escape and Type C supplied air respirator. This Escape/Type C respirator is designed to provide respiratory protection during entry into, work in and escape from an objectionable, oxygen deficient and/or unbreathable (toxic) atmosphere. The Escape/Type C respirator is often referred to as a "combination SCBA/hose line" respirator because it operates as either a pressure demand Type C supplied air respirator when using air from a remote air supply system connected to the supply hose or as an escape only self-contained breathing apparatus when using air from the cylinder on the waist belt if the remote air supply system fails or when the air supply hose must be disconnected from the respirator for emergency escape from the work area.