Category: Blackline Safety

Meet G7x — the first and only comprehensive safety monitoring system with true last-mile connectivity to live monitoring personnel. Featuring an industrial-strength radio link, G7x communicates with the compact and portable G7 Bridge base station. Employees can work confidently over a mile away from the bridge knowing their safety is continuously being monitored in real-time. When your team needs the latest wireless gas monitor or remote lone worker technology, G7x and G7 Bridge work together to keep your teams covered, in even the most remote locations.

G7x defines a new level of lone worker monitoring technology. With seamless satellite connectivity, the G7x solution integrates the latest Internet of Things technology to keep your teams — and their safety — connected.

More than a gas monitor — connected safety monitoring, wherever you go

Blackline designed G7x to address every facet of your safety program. G7x gas monitors with lone worker monitoring leverage the G7 Bridge portable uplink base station to connect to available cellular and satellite networks.

Connectivity transitions effortlessly to satellite when working beyond 3G range to ensure constant safety monitoring. G7x communicates with G7 Bridge using an industrial-strength 900 MHz radio link up to 2 km away. G7 Bridge connects G7x employee-worn devices to the Blackline Safety Network via satellite or cellular networks.

Last-mile connectivity with instant alerting and text messaging

Even outside of 3G coverage, G7x automatically watches over team members and calls for help, even when the employee can’t. G7x connects workers with live monitoring teams 24/7 — should a gas leak, fall, no-motion or health incident occur, G7x equips responders with the situational awareness needed for optimized emergency responses. G7x with G7 Bridge can communicate with monitoring personnel using two-way text messaging delivering critical insights to workers, such as muster points during an evacuation.