Loner M6

Category: Blackline Safety

Our new employee-worn Loner® M6 lone worker monitoring device was designed and manufactured by Blackline’s in-house product development team to monitor the safety of lone workers in the field, inside facilities, in between sites and while driving. Loner M6 features a combination of automatic and manually triggered safety features that initiate the emergency response process.

Loner M6’s blue LiveResponse light provides comfort and confidence to a lone worker in distress. The blue light activates when the live monitoring team has received the safety alert and initiated the emergency response process.

For teams opting for a voice service plan, Loner M6 automatically answers a two-way voice call from the monitoring personnel without having to press a button. An industry-leading speaker design projects the monitoring team’s voice loud and clear. A sensitive microphone captures the employee’s voice with ease. Loner M6 can be toggled into handset mode for loud environments with a simple press of the check-in button.

New 3G wireless communications provide leading coverage in more than 100 countries—many of which provide a combined coverage footprint from multiple carriers.

Loner M6 automatically detects falls with True Fall Detection® and features no-motion detection (man-down alarm). Workers can trigger an alert manually, the red Loner M6 SOS latch is easy to trigger instantly — even if your work-alone employee’s vision is compromised. Loner M6 can also be configured for silent alert mode if the lone worker faces risk of physical assault.

Loner M6 delivers a powerful combination of technologies that can pinpoint the precise location of an employee—indoors, outside and on the road. New assisted-GPS technology provides a precise location when leaving buildings and outdoors. Blackline’s proprietary Location Beacon indoor location technology delivers precise positioning in the most complex of facilities, where GPS may be compromised or unavailable. Emergency responders are directed to the lone worker’s precise location so time is never lost searching.