MMM-P3001 MFG #: P3001
  • Country Origin: US
  • Manufacturer: 3M CANADA
  • Manufacturer Category: SAFETY
  • Manufacturer Product Code: 7000052724
  • Mfr Vendor ID: 594
  • SPF Product ID: 412371
  • Unit of Measure: E
  • UPC: 10093045980175
  • Web Group: 5040102000000
• Triple-flange design to help fit a variety of ear canal shapes and sizes
• Plastic grips help insert ear tips and keep them clean, even when hands or gloves are dirty
• Noise reduction rating (NRR)*: 26 dB
• Reusable earplugs made with materials that can be washed
• Corded only with option of vinyl or cloth material
• CSA Class AL
• *U.S. EPA specifies the NRR as the measure of hearing protector noise reduction. However, 3M makes no warranties as to the suitability of the NRR for this purpose. 3M strongly recommends personal fit testing of hearing protectors. Research suggests that users may receive less noise reduction than indicated by the attenuation label value(s) on the packaging due to variation in fit, fitting skill, and motivation of the user. Refer to applicable regulations or guidance on how to adjust attenuation label values. It is recommended that the NRR be reduced by 50% to better estimate typical protection.